Typonecklaces Created from Vintage Wood Letterpress Type Blocks

If you walk around a flea market and come across something you like… something vintage… get them. You never know what you might do with them in the future. This is how Typonecklaces, a collection of necklaces were created from vintage wood letterpress type blocks were created.

Sara Olmos - Teconlene Typonecklace M

A year ago, while rummaging in a flea market, Spanish designer living in Italy, Sara Olmos found this drawer full of wooden letterpress. For a long time Olmos didn’t know what to do with them… “I only knew I loved them.”

Sara Olmos - Teconlene Typonecklace 02

Olmos then decided to paint with bright colors one type block and see what happened and liked what she saw and thought it would be nice as a necklace.

Sara Olmos - Teconlene Typonecklace D

The collection is growing with new initials little by little, each necklace is a unique piece and has been delicately hand painted be the artist herself…

Images are © Sara Olmos, Teconlene

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