The Untamed Eye: Christian Roth Reissues Series-4001 with Kate Moss

Christian Roth reissues Series-4001, the dramatic, otherworldly eyewear silhouette that defined the look of a decade and was featured by Kate Moss in 1992.

Kate Moss wears Christian Roth Series 4001 shot by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander New York, NY

Interest in the Series-4001 soared with the publication of “The Untamed Eye,” a fashion monograph released by photographer Stephanie Pfriender Stylander in September 2018. The book’s cover features an iconic black and white photograph of Moss, then 17 years old and a relatively unknown talent, she lifts Christian Roth’s Series-4001 sunglasses from her eyes to reveal a gaze, that has since graced countless magazine covers and fashion campaigns.

Kate Moss wears Christian Roth Series 4001 shot by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander New York, NY

“Kate, during her early years, had an innate magic mix of vulnerability, curiousness and determination,” Pfriender Stylander recalls. “When I shot these pictures, we were at the beginning of our careers. We were young and unknown, and the story plays homage to that — romanticizing this period of youthful innocence.” The story, commissioned by Harper’s Bazaar Uomo, was one of Moss’s first fashion editorials, and quickly set the tone for the gritty, restless style that became synonymous with the early 1990s.

The successful launch of “The Untamed Eye” inspired Christian Roth and his business partner, Eric Domège, to collaborate with Pfriender Stylander on a reissue of the beloved style that graces the book’s cover.

“Stephanie’s photographs are nearly three decades old, but the ideas and emotions they capture — young love, rebellion, curiosity — are timeless,” Roth explains. “After speaking about her work and its significance to our label’s heritage, it was clear that the time had arrived to share a piece of our history with a new generation.”

Despite its popularity in the 1990s, original productions of the Series – 4001 are difficult to find. A review of the label’s archives in Miami turned up a single prototype, which was studied and used as a production model for the reissued frame. The reissued Series-4001 ships with customized packaging, which bears Pfriender Stylander’s original images of Kate Moss wearing the sunglasses.

The Iconic Series-4001 is available at DITA flagships in Australia, Japan, Korea and the U.S. and select retail stores around the world.

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