Valentino Gives Street Style a Couture Attitude

The dialogue between the Western and the Japanese cultures has offered Pierpaolo Piccioli an interesting opportunity: the reinterpretation of his own symbols through an innocent and joyful perspective through TKY Valentino Collection.

Five animals, taken from the late Sixties’ Haute Couture collections, were selected from the historical archive and turned into the protagonists of a playful project called Valentino TKY.

The butterfly, the tiger, the dragon, the snake and the panther were re-designed with a manga attitude and re-thought as characters of an urban dream. Each of Valentino TKY animal has a peculiar personality, an individual style and a unique super power.

The divertissement became a story and the story took life on a Japanese-inspired capsule collection made by female and male items, finely embellished with embroideries, prints and materials that combine streetstyle and couture attitude.

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