Versace: Seven Bags for Seven Cities

Versace presents seven Limited Edition Palazzo Empire handbags, as an homage to seven cities.
Seven Bags For Seven Cities is a global design contest. For this special project, Versace invited people from around the world to help us design seven exclusive bags, representing seven of the world’s most exciting and glamorous cities: Beijing, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, New York, Sao Paolo and Tokyo.

Participants were able to suggest the landmark, monument or other feature which makes that city one of a kind. They photographed that part of the cityscape, sent it into Versace, and all photographs received were reviewed by the design team at Versace’s Milan headquarters. Seven submissions were selected.
Versace_7_Bags_7_Cities_Group_2The winners’ photos of their chosen city’s most symbolic landmarks were then artistically rendered on the Palazzo Empire Bag, creating seven very special Versace handbags created with the help of men and women who love those places.

The winners will be flown to Milan, Italy and will attend the Versace Women’s SS17 Fashion Show in September 2016

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