Versace’s South Beach Stories Installation Turns Heads

A new exhibition by Versace and friend of the House, interior designer, Sasha Bikoff, debuted during Art Basel Miami Beach and Design Miami.

Drawing from the brand’s rich heritage, the installation gets its name from “South Beach Stories”, a book published by the Versace family in 1993.

Paying homage to the publication, pages printed in tropical tones – jungle green, lime, orange and Caribbean blue – lend their color palette to the walls and display platforms.

For the exhibit, Bikoff has created one-of-a-kind furniture pieces inspired by iconic Versace looks that are showcased with the archive clothing they encapsulate.

“Similar to the book, the exhibition shares the life of a family of true artists that came to this city and made such a big cultural and creative impact that is still in our minds and hearts today.”

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