Victoria Villasana Expresses Freedom from Strings Attached

Looking at how cultures connect to each other in a fragmented, post-digital world, Victoria Villasana, Mexican textile artist, creates art inspired by her interest in cultures and human spirit. She began making embroidery patterns on top of images as a hobby but then became known for her rebellious femininity and acute cross-cultural imagery.

After studying design at ITESO University in Mexico, she moved to London where she trained and worked as a florist and fashion stylist. Later on she was inspired by East London street art scene where she began placing these embroidery images in the streets, she became well known in London’s street art community for her rebellious femininity and acute cross-cultural imagery.

The dynamism in her work derives from the way the yarn is left uncut, far below the frame like yet untold stories, giving a surreal aesthetic reflecting in the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Now residing in Mexico, she continues to explore this medium through installations, editorial and commercial work collaborating with artists and  brands around the world.

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