Victoria’s Secret’s Pink Opens in ABC Verdun

Pink, from Victoria’s Secret,  brings its colorful, young and adventurous vibe to Beirut with the opening of its first standalone store in Lebanon, at ABC Verdun.

A bright and colorful interior on L1 offers a range of lingerie, loungewear and sportswear as well as beauty products.

With the launch of the new store comes the latest from the brands popular ‘Wear Everywhere’ collection introducing the newly redesigned bra with Memory Foam. The latest addition is made from Memory Foam to give it a smooth, light and snug feeling with extra support omitting the heavy feeling of unnecessary padding. Designed to be worn under everything, whether you are cheer leading, dancing or just casually chilling with the gals during the weekend, the memory foam bra is designed to fit the body and bust smoothly for the perf natural shape and most importantly providing ultimate comfort. The collection currently comes in signature designs with strong branding across the bra and is available in multiple styles including t-shirt bra and push-up styles.

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