Look Out for Vintage Futurism SS2014

The experts at London’s fashion and lifestyle trend forecasting agency Trendstop.com provide an overview of Vintage Futurism, one of the leading materials themes for Spring/Summer 2014, and some of its key components.


Channeling a retro look at future style, materials are infused with a sci-fi finish to push the boundaries of space exploration. Surfaces dazzle with luxe embellishments and fabrics, from holographic foils and metallic sequins to iridescent yarns. Borrowing inspiration from the worlds of 1960 and 2960, the end result is polished, forward-thinking and out-of-this-world.



  • Oversized iridescent sequins
  • Silver disk chainmail
  • Futuristic foil stripes
  • Luxury lurex knits
  • Liquid metal snakeskin
  • Transparent structured PVC
  • Sheer mesh

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Molten Metal

Surfaces resemble Molten Metal with slick, fluid textures, as silver colorways channel a futuristic feel. Liquid-inspired fabrics ripple across loose-fit pants and jackets. In design, tables and chairs take on molded shapes, with oversized perforations inspiring asteroid notions. Curvilinear lights catch the light with a Space Age shine.

Sci-Fi Geos

Retro geometric shapes are beamed into the future with a polished metallic finish, as square repeats dominate materials. Innovative light designs incorporate curved sheets of paneled metal to resemble satellite dishes, as others make a statement with cubed surfaces or 3D constellations. Vintage-inspired clutch bags are textured with mirrored shapes.

Celestial Bodies

This season, design looks to infinity and beyond to shape directional light fixtures that are reminiscent of Celestial Bodies. Twin bulbs hang in ribbed glass cages, while oval molds of plastic in resin let light shine through cut-out panels for a style that wouldn’t look out of place in the Jetsons’ living room. Metallic-lined lamp shades attract a planetary system of orbiting glass and bejeweled baubles.

Cosmic Chainmail

Intricate links of chainmail add textural interest to designs with a futuristic silver shine. Apparel shimmers with a futuristic tactility and movement, while ladylike footwear is reinforced to take on the 31st century city streets.


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