wabu: Lebanese Duo Gives New Life to Wood

wabu, which stands for wood after being used, is an eco-conscious design project undertaken by brother and sister, Carl and Christelle Bardawil. The idea was born from the desire to give used wood another chance at life. The collection is available at White Walls, a modern furniture gallery in Mar Mikhael, Lebanon.

“My sister and I decided to reinvent a product that is common and add a positive environmental and social impact towards every step of the way – from deconstructing it and reconstructing it again. Since 2015 we embarked making a line of wood furniture without cutting any tree. In other words, we craft wood furniture from scratch, without so much as a scratch on any living trees.”

The pair travels to all corners of the world on a quest to source potential from the finest pieces of abandoned wood. wabu is an easily assembled, reclaimed wood furniture line. The wood they find is then shipped to Lebanon where it’s cleaned, treated, and handcrafted by artisans into pieces of furniture.

Instead of cutting down trees, the team scours the world for the finest abandoned wood. Once found, they breathe new life into the wood by turning it into beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.

Each collection is limited by the amount of wood the Bardawil’s are able to source and this combines with the artisan crafting process to create truly one of a kind furniture. A fantastic collection, wabu sits at the intersection of four elements: craftsmanship, eco-conscious design, accessibility, and ease of assembly. The goal was to craft long-lasting furniture from humble materials.

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