Wael Farran at the Venice Biennale 2017

Wael Farran Studio is present at the Venice Biennale 2017, with not one, but two unique pieces from Formitable©, the studio’s line of exclusive and custom made tables. Distortion is exhibited at Venice Design taking place at the Palazzo Michiel, facing the Grand Canal, in the heart of Venice.



Take a Bow is shown at Venice Art within the “Personal Structures-Open Borders” exhibit, happening at the Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora. Both exhibitions are hosted by the GAA and are sponsored by The European Cultural Center. La Biennale di Venezia runs from May 13th to November 26th 2017



Visitors of the exhibition Venice Design can take a closer look at Distortion, a center table from the Formitable© line. Rising from a brass base, the table is made of acid white veneer, with Arabic calligraphy inlaid with steel. Through the words Experience, Expression, Material and Form, the table is an expression of human growth over the years. “This is a very special table to me. It was designed as translation to some personal thoughts and experience” explains Wael Farran, lead designer. We are born with a solid base that gets distorted with life’s wrongful expectations. Once we understand how to be in sync with the universe we raise from a distorted soul into a solid human being. “As human beings, we happen in time, we learn by success and master by failure. Layer over layer, we become whole as we harmonize with time and space. The table is a call to finding your true self within the universe” continues Farran.



As for those walking around Venice Art, they can admire ‘Take a Bow’ another center table from the Formitable© line. “Take a Bow” is an homage to the creator within each of us. Since the creation of time, we bow in respect and in recognition of the creator that is present in us and everything around us. “In today’s spiritually charged times, bowing has gained another dimension as it allows us to ground ourselves and remain humble in respect to the world around us,”explains Farran. Once the creator within is recognized, we pave the way to our ultimate nature and happiness. “It is a heart felt response to the creator’s greatness and a complete surrender from the body and soul,” says the designer.



“There is no doubt that it is thrilling to be part of an artistic event in the caliber of the Venice Biennale. The support and appreciation of our work is overwhelming. Being surrounded by artists from all over the world is highly inspiring and look forward to future collaborations,” concludes Farran.

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