Wael Farran Exposes the Human Truth at Venice Architecture Biennale

For the second consecutive year, Wael Farran Studio has been invited to showcase their work in a special exhibit happening during the Venice Architecture Biennale. Underlying struggles, the latest Formitable is part of the Time Space Existence exhibition taking place at Pallazo Michiel from the 26th of May till the 25th of November.

Hosted by the European Cultural Center and promoted by the GAA Foundation, the satellite exhibition follows the Time Space Existence theme this year and presents a wide selection of works by architects, photographers, sculptors and universities from all over the world, in addition to projects realized in cooperation with institutions and museums.

Underlying Struggles is the latest addition to the Formitable collection, the studio’s line of unique and custom-made tables. The table raises questions about the human truth. Is the individual exactly the image they project on to the world? What hides underneath that polished exterior? And what does it take to bring it out, make your peace with it and become one with your reality?

Made of an aluminum structure, the base lacquered in polished white is a web of connected grids reflecting the conflicts we go through during our lifetime, that mark our being and shape our emotional status. Once we face these issues and begin to accept and understand them, the ailments untangle to gather into the consistent path that is the true self, embodied by the aged brass top.

“Participating in this exhibit means being part of a unique dialogue among a variety of creatives on a topic that is in constant evolution. The exercise of thinking about it and creating a statement piece is a thrilling and challenging experience in creativity, design and reflection, taking us, the creatives, into depth we didn’t know existed,” explains Wael Farran, founder and lead designer of the studio.

“Being able to change the conversation, to showcase our work and make our mark in the design scene are certainly added perks to the whole experience,” concludes Farran.

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