WantedDesign: Inhale the Scents of Seasons with Alessi in NYC

Get closer to ‘The Five Seasons’ a collection of objects, designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi, creates a multisensory experience.

First introduced at the Milan Design Fair, the idea of the home fragrance and its possible reinterpretation through the language of design has fascinated Alessi since the mid-1980s.

Marcel Wanders explains: “The Alessi collection of home fragrances invites us to discover the immensity of nature and to embrace its spirit in our home. The intensity and vitality of the scents hang in the air day and night, immersing us in an experience of continual transformation.

The natural changing of the seasons perfectly mirrors our life cycle: this is why we have created fragrances that speak to our souls and involve us in a transcendent and transformative way.”

The Five Seasons is completed by a diverse range of small accessories for the home. These include the Leaf fragrance diffuser, Scented candles, Room Spray, a Lava stone fragrance diffuser, a Bottle candle holder and a Candle snuffer. Precious materials, like porcelain and mahogany wood, and elements inspired by nature, like twigs, shape the design of the entire range.


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