Weekend Five: Gigi Baker Applies Art on Fashion

Gigi Baker’s creative, expressive designs just shout ‘contemporary’ to anyone who sees them. Bold, bright and captivating, Baker is an inspirational designer, born in Beirut and working out of New York. The youngest of a creative family, Baker was destined to be a designer or artist of some sort and her collaboration with her brother, Ghazi Baker, has led to exciting blends of art, fashion and design. Here we talk to this up and coming designer about her creative drive and working with her brother, whose latest piece, This Is Where I’m From II, an acrylic and charcoal piece on primed canvas, was recently on show at the Beirut Art Fair.

Tell us about yourself Ghida Baker, aka Gigi Baker.

I was born in Beirut in a multi-cultural family. We were always surrounded by art whether it was design, music, movies, even comic books; so it was unavoidable for me to be on a path of creativity, especially as I am the youngest, I was influenced by my family’s passion to create.

After graduating with a major in design, I worked in Beirut for a while, got married then moved to the US. I was fortunate enough to be able to raise my kids and not have to work outside the home, but 12 years later I felt the need to get back into my love for design, and having spent my years in New York, I was drawn to a new way of expression so I developed a love for fashion. So GIGI BAKER was born.

Describe your recent collaboration with your brother, the artist Ghazi Baker.

It is a dream come true for me to be collaborating with my brother, I have always looked up to him and respected his work, as he is a big influence in my life. We constantly talk about his paintings as I need to know the concept behind each one before I make a decision on how to transform it into a fashion statement.

What does the collection entail?

The collection consists of handbags, clutches, waist bags, bomber jackets, slap bracelet and scarves.

How have you applied the paintings to your fashion accessories?

The way I do it may sound unconventional, but it all starts with the painting, I always talk to my brother about the theme he is going for, and I get inspired. My designs are very simple and minimalistic because I want the spotlight to be on the art as much as the design.

Who is your target?

My target is anyone who loves fashion and art, because owning a piece from GIGI Baker means having both.

Where can we find your work?

My work can be found online www.gigibaker.co

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