Weekend Five with Hazem Haddad: The Creative Behind the ‘X’

The letter X now has a new meaning, thanks to Hazem Haddad, who is set to change the world of branding through his newly established creative hub, studioX. With his motto, ‘In a world of O’s, be an X’, Haddad sits with us and explains the meaning of X, his new studio and his plans.

1. What is studioX?

We are a creative hub that is specialized in creative thinking and immaculate doing.
As you know the market and consumer needs are changing by the second, that’s why I advice my clients to stick to a timeless branding and up to date communication. By doing so we attract the best of both worlds. I’m hands on from planning, designing and executing, my approach is very personal and one and one. Clients become like family, we start a journey together and we succeed together.

My strategy is always LONG-TERM, the hit and run strategy doesn’t work with me ✖

2. What is studioX’s history?
With super experience in fashion, marketing and advertising, I decided to go solo and create an entrepreneurial approach to tackle what clients need for exposure and a unique positioning.

3. What are studioX’s services?
With more than 10 years in the scene, we are able to create a vision and DNA for any brand that will make it stand out from the herd.

With more than 50 brand identities created over the years, branding was and will always remain my favorite thing to work on.

With more than 10 exceptional events created and executed in the past. For local, regional and international clients, brand experiences are what people remember the most.

4. Why X?
Usually, everyone is afraid of the unknown. I’m here to make the unknown a positive place without the fear factor. My experience and know-how bag me up with tricks and shortcuts to have the ability to transfer negative to positive.

5. What inspires you?
Kindness and goodness are my core beliefs. I believe if you work and create with heart, amazing opportunities come flying your way when you least expect them.

To know more on how to be an X follow studioX on Facebook and Instagram @studioxbeirut/ hazem@studioxbeirut.com

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