Weekend Five with Pampeli: Eco-Friendly Fashion is the Future

Based in Prague, the Pampeli online store, run by two Czech Lebanese sisters, Rahaf Nela and Sara Mroue, features the most Eco-friendly creative brands, sourced worldwide. The girls try their best to find brands that treat all living things with respect, whether it concerns workers, animals or the environment.

Sara and Rahaf Nela

Tell us about the site in a few lines?

Based in Prague, Pampeli is an accessories store that caters to most European countries, the UAE & Lebanon. Inspired by pampeliška, meaning dandelion in Czech, Pampeli tells our story of two sisters- Rahaf Nela & Sara, who grew up in Czech Republic and went on to live in cosmopolitan cities around the world. Through the store, we present the various trends and styles we’ve encountered over the years that truly reflect our experiences.

Rahaf Nela:

“I’m the fashion addict at Pampeli and I believe in unicorns. In other words, I like to use my imagination to see the magic in things. Every item featured on the Pampeli store makes sure to embody the extraordinary.”


“I am Sara, also known as Friend of a Fox, the accessories charmer at Pampeli. My mission is to help put an end to unethical fashion trends – the very reason why we feature select animal-friendly brands on the Pampeli store.”

Pampeli’s curated products range from accessories, gift & pet items sourced worldwide from international & independent designers.  Pampeli is also a proud supporter of eco-fashion. We try our best to find brands that treat all living things with respect, whether it concerns workers, animals or the environment.

What brands do you carry, name a few?

Our mission is to curate distinctive pieces that can be worn daily as reminders of love, fashion and beauty. We select brands that not only have a purpose but a creative edge including Aga Bag, a line of handbags for the light-hearted made out of real Lego bricks! We also support socially responsible brands like Half United, a brand with a humanitarian cause at heart dedicated to raise funds to end world hunger.

What motivated you to start the online boutique?

We are two sisters with a passion for traveling and fashion and always wanted to share our multi-cultural experiences. Through Pampeli, we found a channel where we could express ourselves and thus making our childhood dream of opening a store come true.  With our mission to appeal to the laid-back trendsetters, we are bound to capture the minds of consumers willing and able to embrace new brands and styles by inspiring them to either shop outside the box or take up new trends from various independent designers. Through Pampeli, we also share our love for animals with Tia’s closet, a section fully dedicated to your furry little friends. We donate 10% of the profits to dog shelters to assist with medical fees and vital supplies. This initiative is in the memory of our little angel, Tia, who may no longer be here with us today, but the love she brought our way will continue to heal hearts.

Who do you target – tell us about your clients?

We target mainly the ladies, animal lovers, professionals and shoppers desiring products that provide quality and value as well as reflect unique styles.  Anyone looking to buy a unique gift or an accessory.

What are the trends today in your opinion… for 2018?

After our recent trip to New York to attend the semiannual accessories show, we found that a lot of trends were gearing more towards environmental friendly fashion, innovative wearable technology and alternative apparel. With many companies presenting products in new materials such as eco-plastics, organic cottons and vegan leathers, several brands are now looking to change their attitude towards material sourcing .  Several designers are looking into transforming ordinary materials into stylish and distinctive pieces.  And if you love the delicate boho style, then dream catchers are also back for 2018!

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