Weekend Five: Patricia Urquiola Talks with FashionRepublik

FashionRepublik sits with Cassina’s Art Director Patricia Urquiola during the opening of  Poltrona Frau Group ME flagship store in Dubai. Urquiola, a renowned architect and designer who has worked with big design brands, discusses her relationship with the 90 year old company Cassina, as well tells the new generation of designers to be curious and to travel a lot and how much she likes going to the cinema with her family in her free time …

1- You have worked on so many esteemed brands, tell us about your relationship with the Cassina?

Cassina has been around for nine decades and has an incredible archive of 600 pieces… It is truly an honor for me to be part of this ongoing design heritage.

2- We wanted to pick your brain on the idea of being a female designer and architect in today’s world?

I think that today, talking about women and men or masculine and feminine, is a bit limiting and that is a concept now outdated. I’m more interested on having an idea to develop with my clients, work together, discuss and arriving to a result that makes everybody satisfied.

3-What would be your best advise to the young generation of designers?

To be curious, to travel, never stop to do research and most of all to have an opinion and not be worried to tell it.

4-What do you enjoy doing when you’re not traveling?

When I’m not traveling I stay in my Studio passing from a desk to another and from a meeting to a revision. In my free time I enjoy going to the cinema or the museum with my family or stay home and read a book.

5- What is your impression of the Middle East?

I think the Middle East is projected in the future, in terms of architecture, transportation and of course of design.

We would like to thank Esra Lemmens for conducting this interview for FashionRepublik.com


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