Weekend Five: Rodge on His New Single and Love for Beirut

Rodge is by far the most celebrated, successful DJ in the Middle East. The Lebanese artist has collaborated with international superstars such as David Guetta, Shakira and Armin Van Buuren to name but a few. Known the world over for his fresh take and his Oriental influences, Rodge’s approach is unique, representing a truly regional approach to music, one that has gained him admirers all over the globe. Here, FashionRepublik, talks to Rodge about his new single ‘Beirut’ and his love for Lebanon’s capital.

Tell us about Beirut, the new single.

Creating Beirut, I tried to reflect my undying love for the city. Ever since I was a child, Lebanon has given me so much, I felt I simply had to give something back, and what better way to do so than with a song? Music is my passion, and so is my country. And more so it’s the capital, Beirut is a city that never stops, one that’s packed with history and culture and a spirit that never fails to amaze and inspire me. Since music is how I communicate with the world, I tried to use it to depict the true, authentic spirit of this city, which is sadly tarnished in the eyes of some.

How does it feel that people line up to see you week after week?

It’s actually the engine that keeps me running!! Knowing that those familiar faces are there, along with new ones, every single week gives me this funny feeling of excitement in my gut that keeps the fire burning inside!

How are you elevating the idea of the DJ in the Middle East?

I try to create and produce my own flavor of music. I focus on making music that is not limited to any geographical boundary, yet that is peppered with an Oriental twist that describes my origin and heritage. I also love to lock myself in my studio for hours and hours bringing songs to life again with a total original remake aiming at setting my sets apart for everyone else.

Where do you get the enthusiasm from, week after week, every time you’re out there?

Well it is no secret that I have an undying love for music and music mixing that contributes to my enthusiasm. What takes it to a different level is the challenge to outdo myself week after week… With a reward … getting to see those happy faces!

You have collaborated with a few big names, who’s one to look out for next?

One will be announced very soon — a summer massive concert… I wish I could bring you in on that, one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a jaw-dropper!

Now that you have launched Beirut, what’s next on your plate?

After Beirut, I am releasing Drunk Groove’s official remix, a massive summer hit by Maruv & Boosin, already Number 1 in so many European countries. Then I’ll be releasing four back-to-back new tracks this year, leading up to my first artist album.

Is there a special someone in your life? The single ladies would like to know…

Ha, ha… yes!

So we’re guessing all you Rodge fans out there, and you are many… will be partying with him tonight and beyond.

Stay tuned…

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