Weekend Five: Samer Alameen Takes Us “In House”

Samer Alameen, just in time for Salone del Mobile, welcomes you into his apartment to share with you his world, works and spirit during during Milan Design Week 2018. Step in see, try and live with design in its rightful place: at home, in daily life.

In this real-life context, Alameen showcases a range of designs all presented with a personal touch and wit: a cabinet, a modular lounge, a modular couch and new editions of the All You Can Seat stools/side tables and the Out of the Box container/table, all of which feature with one another while possessing the ability to fit into their designated spaces regardless of scale or style.

Testament to the Lebanese designer’s skill in creating designed objects that tell a story as much as they impact their surroundings, this is a forward-thinking collection that once again conveys Alameen’s aptitude in bringing a new layer of refined meaning, purpose and context to his work. FashionRepublik talks to Alameen about the world he has created for himself in Milan.

Khaizaran chairs, Leaf me alone outdoor bed…

1- During Salone del Mobile you’re opening your house for people to discover  INHOUSE – NOT AN EXHIBITION. Tell us more.

The idea is to showcase design in its appropriate context, and not on display. Objects need to be lived with and not just looked at. I want people to lie down on the couch, to sit on the lounge, to read from the books and magazines, to eat on the table…I need life and motion and cannot be in a static environment. So I want to welcome people to my apartment and share with them, my spirit.

2- You have left Lebanon and created a world for yourself in Milan.

I have opened the doors to my world, a world driven by courage, passion and willpower. A world that is continuously evolving. It is tech world that i have always dreamed off.

3- How would we define Samer Alameen’s style?
I would say witty.

All you can seat modular lounge, Eret wall unit

4- Take is through a journey of your highlight products?

My journey started with the Khayzaran chair. After seeing it disappear and being replaced by cheap plastic imitations, I decided to revamp it. The irony is that revamping the chair,  actually ended up revamping my life. The success of this chair made me move to Milan 6 six moths after the launch.

5- What would you like to see change in Lebanon?  (design wise)

People! I want the original Lebanese, more real and less pretentious, more work and less talk more helpful and less critical.

You can experience Alameen’s designs at his home located in Piazza Oberdan 3, Milano 20129.

As well as creating this series of significant works, this year Alameen has collaborated with JCP Universe to present two iconic designs, which will be shown at the FieraMilan, within the JCP Universe exhibition: Eret, a wall unit library, and Orgone, a floor light. Sculptural in aesthetic yet nostalgic and playful in their sensibility, both pieces are a reflection of the designer’s inner child.

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