Weekend Five with Azzi&Osta: After Beyoncé Walked the Red Carpet

Lebanese couture house AZZI & OSTA made headlines all over the world when Beyoncé showed up to the Annual Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party in New York wearing their custom-made couture gown. We take five minutes to talk with George Azzi & Assaad Osta about the dress that turned heads, their emotions and plans for the future.

Assaad Osta and George Azzi

1-How has your work reached international stars?

We have representatives in Beirut and LA who work with stylists and celebrities to place our creations on them. On top of that, social media does help get the brand name and creations out there, and so we receive quite a lot of requests from international and regional stylists.

2- Did you meet Beyonce, what was it like, and if not the idea of her wearing your design… tell us your first reaction?

We haven’t met her this time, but we hope to do so soon. When we saw her wearing our custom-made gown, we were immensely honored, proud, happy, and thrilled beyond imagination! It was emotional.

Sketch, Custom made dress for Beyoncé

3-Tell us about that dress and your signature touch?

The gown took over 300 hours to perfect. The piece, made with an all-black silk crepe and net fishtail gown with velvet details on the shoulders, boasts sculptural volumes on the hips, an Azzi & Osta signature.

Our favorite element in this piece was the extra volume we added on the hips… The overall look highlighted Beyoncé’s flawless figure allowing her to look confident, powerful and feminine…

4- We saw Kendall Jenner and Beyoncé wearing Azzi & Osta, who’s next?

We can’t share that yet, but you’ll be seeing us soon on many more red carpets!

5- What are you guys up to next?

Our next step is to launch our RTW line, hopefully in September 2018.

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