Weekend Five with Ziad Doueiri: Prevailing Against all Darkness

After news started pouring in about the first ever Lebanese movie to be nominated for this year’s Oscars in the Best Foreign Film category, FR took five minutes with The Insult’s director Ziad Doueiri to learn more about his reaction to the great news and his response to those who tried to curb this achievement.

Ziad Doueiri in The Attack (2012), courtesy of IMDb

1-What was the first thing you did when you first heard the news?

The first thing I did was I called my mom and told her we got nominated. I then called Joelle (Joelle Touma), the film’s co-screen writer and Antoun Sehnaoui who produced the film. I realized that they have all heard the news well before I did.

2-What message would you like to say to all those who gave you a hard time in the process of making this film?

The message is simple: we have taken this country to a new artistic and cultural height, and we will prevail against all voices of darkness and their accusations. Truth always wins.

3- How do you celebrate such a success, take us through it Ziad…

It’s not a question of success and celebration, it’s a about seeing the results of the hard work you put into your script and the actors’ talents paying off with outstanding performances, You become determined to see the film progressing and moving forward in a positive way. All that doesn’t mean that you will succeed or win, you just give it your best, specially in a country where the film industry lacks support and is still relatively modest.

4- What is Ziad Doueiri bringing us next?
I have been working non-stop lately and I just finished two seasons of Baron Noir in France. I’m planning on taking a couple of weeks off to focus on what I am going to do next.

5- What are you doing this weekend?
I will be spending some quality time with my little daughter. I haven’t been able to see her in a while.

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