What’s Inside the Trunk in Saifi Village?

If you happen to be walking around Saifi Village in Downtown Beirut, you will notice trunk, a lofty eclectic concept store dedicated to men only. Clothes, jewelry, travel accessories, and small artifacts are just some of the many surprises hidden inside… Items are changed regularly to keep the element of surprise alive so that you’d have something new to see and discover every time you walk in. So after you read this and make sure to visit trunk, and expect to see something different than what’s in the pictures we have taken!


We talk to Marilyn Bouchakjian about trunk, the design and the idea behind it.

A concept store just for men. How did the idea come about?

Just look around. All the stores around you are for women. I believe that men are also into shopping just as much as women, if not more… if only they find what they want…

Why the name trunk?

I always liked the name… Trunk Show. It had to be one word and it had to convery masculinity – so I went for ‘trunk’. Besides, the word also means the torso.

What is the concept all about?

trunk is a place where men can find everything from shoes, sunglasses, grooming items, books, design items, coffee machines, luggage, clothing … and much more. Plus the important thing is that the selection is not and will not be seasonal.

Tell us about the design of the place?

The design is lofty, simple and mysterious. It is comfortable and more importantly private. We add new items every week. If a client comes in every week they will enjoy a different experience and see something new each time they walk in – always fresh with new items and ideas. What I want people to notice is that trunk is not only a shop, but also an experience.


Is everything on display for sale or are some items used for decorative purposes?

Everything is on sale, even the mannequins. All items sold are hand selected. It’s not only by style color and size but a lot of research is put into the selection of every item you see around. It’s not a mono brand store and if you are a customer you will notice that brands vary each time. I sell limited quantities of items as to give customers the right to stay unique.

Photos@Anthony Rahayel


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