What Will Outdoor Design Look Like on the Moon?

Driade has the answer. Throughout Milan Design Week, Driade’s Moon Mission is a visionary project that looks to the future to celebrate the history of the Italian brand and offers an interpretation of what home spaces may look like in 2068 in an “alien” context.

Anticipating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969, the designers imagined a lunar setting to be the backdrop for some designer tributes to Driade’s masterpieces reinterpreted by Studio Nucleo, a group of artists and designers from Turin directed by Piergiorio Robino. The first outdoor collection on lunar soil – inspired by studies conducted by the European Space Agency – has been conceived to be entirely produced an realized in 3D on the moon, using regolith, an extraordinary substance present on the moon’s surface.

The first extraterrestrial mission in history accomplished by Italian design is taking place just 50 steps away from the Driade flagship store in Via Borgogna, Milan: Cinema Arti will stage the Driade Moon Mission throughout the Design Week.

Four design icons, authentic bestsellers by Philippe Starck, Naoto Fukusawa and Italian artist and furniture designer Enzo Mari, are exhibited in the location that will also be the set of a short film directed by Adriano Valerio on a subject by Gianluigi Ricuperati.

Moonage Daydream, which will be shot during the Design Week in Milan, will consist of a sort of interplay between two space voyage heroines interpreted by Elena Radonicich, an actress who recently rose to success in the Italian film “Il Principe Libero”, and the graceful, curvy model Giannina Oteto.

All the guests will be distinctly exclusive, given the limited size of the Space Station, where even the food experience is out of this world: a series of items previously tested in orbit including Italian astronaut Maurizio Cheli’s celebrated Parmesan bites and the space-age cocktails Apollo 11, Silver Moon and Black Hole. All guests of the Driade Moon Mission will be served with genuine Space Food created by Argotec, official supplier to the European Space Agency (ESA). Best consumed by: 30 April 2018!

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