XSIR Celebrates 10 Years with Exclusive Cuvée Xeme Anniversaire

Looking to fill the Christmas stocking of a wine lover in your life? Celebrating XSIR’s tenth year anniversary, the popular Lebanese wine recently introduced the Cuvée Xeme Anniversaire – a blend of three of EL’s best vintages from the past ten years.

Three bottles comes in a beautiful box with an exclusive table book about the Lebanon’s rich mountains. The illustrations on both the bottles and the book, feature Phoenicians boats, the Temple of Bachus in Baableck and the Lebanese mountains; designed to reflect the Lebanon’s diversity and its ancient wine-making traditions.

A fitting Tribute to both IXIR and its Mediterranean heritage and a great Christmas gift for the wine lover in your life.

The Box can be ordered through Bouchra Consultancy  +961-7-737972.


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